Last summer, I worked as a Video Production Intern at KiDz HuB Media Network. This has been an incredible experience working with local businesses and the community on multiple projects!! In June, we began planning the KiDz HuB Regional Film Festival, a joint venture between KiDz HuB and Neverland Natives Visuals. July was filled with closing our call for entries period with 719 submissions. We then decided on 25 submissions, located a venue with the Old Bridge Public Library, and formed a team of volunteers to help run the event. On August 10th, 2018, the first annual KiDz HuB Regional Film Festival commenced to an overwhelming response. Filmmakers and festival-goers alike joined us for our finalists screening, our filmmaker Q&A, Italian Ices, an awards ceremony, and an afterparty at a local restaurant sponsored by Quiet Party LLC. I believe that we’ve started something truly amazing in this community, and I hope it becomes a long-lasting tradition for years to come!